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[GRAPHIC: Pillsbury & Coleman LLP]

PHILIP PILLSBURY: At Pillsbury & Coleman we only handle insurance matters. We’re very good at it. We’ve been recognized for a long time for doing this.

[GRAPHIC: City view]

PHILIP PILLSBURY: We’ve settled almost a billion dollars in cases.

VEDICA PURI: Each one of us, from the partners to the attorneys to the staff, care about our clients and care about the results.

PHILIP PILLSBURY: We’re real focused on what we take in and how we can meet the expectation of the client and get an outstanding result.

PHILIP PILLSBURY: But you really have to listen to what the client believes, what the client’s expectations are.

VEDICA PURI: The clients believe in us and we believe in them.

TERRY COLEMAN: We work every minute of the day to try to get the best result we can for them.

PHILIP PILLSBURY: We think that a case gets its maximum value if you’re prepared to try the case.

TERRY COLEMAN: We’re recognized with having large punitive damage verdicts in state courts, including $25 million against Travelers and $30 million against UnumProvident, the nation’s largest disability insurance company.

VEDICA PURI: We believe if an insurance company has handled something in bad faith, then they need to pay the claim, period.

[GRAPHIC: Pillsbury & Coleman LLP]

[GRAPHIC: www.pillsburylevinson.com]

[GRAPHIC: 100 Green Street San Francisco, CA 94111]