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california disability appeals lawyersIf your disability benefits have been denied and you’re looking to seek an appeal, turn to Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP. Our California disability appeals lawyer has the proper experience to handle the wide variety of disability appeals many clients encounter. Our firm has a positive track record of achieving outcomes that have helped clients substantially. We also have a strong commitment to advocating for disability rights striving to ensure you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve when you are under our wing.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we recognize how a disability can alter your life. The loss of income on top of the cost of rising medical expenses can quickly become overwhelming. While the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers financial aid through disability benefit programs, their criteria is overwhelming and expansive often resulting in initial rejections.

You have the right to appeal a disability decision and seek guidance from an experienced California disability appeals lawyer to secure your benefits. Our firm fully understands the standards for obtaining disability benefits and we will guide you through every step of the process.

Disability Benefits Denials

The Social Security Administration (SSA) frequently denies eligible individuals’ applications for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits due to strict criteria and the high volume of applications received. However, just because you were denied doesn’t mean you’ve hit the end of the road for receiving deserved benefits.

Filing an Appeal When a Disability Claim Is Denied

If your claim is denied initially and you need assistance filing a new and successful appeal, a California disability appeals lawyer becomes essential. Your skilled attorney may request reopening your previous application to defend your right to a fair administrative judge hearing.

During this hearing, the SSA will bring in a vocational expert (VE) to testify about your functional capacity based on your impairments. These impairments could be anything from mental disorders to immune system disorders. Having legal representation at this stage is crucial because the VE’s testimony can significantly impact your case.

Following the hearing, an experienced Social Security Disability benefits attorney may suggest adjustments or legal challenges, address concerns the judge can present to your doctor, and obtain a second medical opinion if needed.

Why We Utilize Federal Courts

Surprisingly, many attorneys assisting clients with disability claims do not escalate cases to federal court. SSD applicants can discuss with a California Social Security appeals lawyer about taking their case to the next level. Our seasoned attorneys at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP are well-equipped to handle federal court representation if necessary.

To win in a federal court case can be challenging, yet it remains attainable with the assistance of a proficient Disability appeals attorney. Your legal representative will closely analyze the comprehensive record, examining your medical history, work details, and additional evidence of your disability claim. After these steps, they’ll present a compelling case to the court, highlighting reasons why your disability application is worthy of approval or, more precisely, addressing where the Administrative Law Judge’s assessment may have been wrong.

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