Unum announces leading causes of long-term disability claims

According to 2012 claims data released by Unum – the disability insurance behemoth – cancer continues to be the primary reason attributed to the company’s long-term disability claims. In fact, cancer accounted for roughly 16 percent of all long-term disability claims in 2012, making it the leading cause for the 12th year in a row.

Following cancer, the next five leading reasons given in long-term disability claims during the same period include:

  • Back problems, not including injuries – 15.1 percent
  • Behavioral health issues – 9.8 percent
  • Injuries – 9.8 percent
  • Circulatory system problems – 9.0 percent
  • Joint disorders – 8.3 percent

Denied long-term disability claims

Presumably, these particular ailments have led to countless workers being sidelined and unable to work throughout the country, including in California. And, as any California worker is well aware, any of the debilitating injuries or illnesses listed above can be extremely difficult to deal with – both emotionally and financially.

However, long-term disability coverage can sometimes provide the necessary financial lifeline to make it through these tragic and challenging times – at least for those workers fortunate enough to have this particular type of insurance. Sadly though, having disability coverage is no guarantee that California workers will be financially protected as even those with insurance can have their long-term disability claims denied, often leaving them with no supplemental income.

For instance, in some circumstances, insurance companies will take the stance that certain types of cancer are not actually disabling, thus refusing to pay benefits under the disability policy. In many of these cases, insurance companies simply ignore the effects that chemotherapy and radiation can have on a worker’s capacity to perform job functions. In other instances, an insurance company will make workers jump through hoops to “prove” their disabilities.

Assistance is available

It is important for all disabled workers to know that all factors must be taken into consideration when filing a claim for long-term disability, and that any erroneous determinations made by insurance companies are not set in stone.

Accordingly, if you have suffered an injury or illness that makes it impossible to work, and you have long-term disability coverage, it is important to contact an experienced disability claims attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can not only assist with investigating your claim but also help ensure your insurance provider takes all circumstances into account. Even if your claim has already been initially denied, a skilled attorney may still be able to help.