Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, Files Bad Faith Insurance Complaint Over Lack of Payment

RELEASED – Feb. 21, 2014

Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, announces that it has filed an insurance bad faith complaint on behalf of its client, James S. Blanza, against a group of defendants, including the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an AIG company. The complaint alleges that the defendants conspired to cheat Mr. Blanza on an insurance policy he purchased through the defendants.

According to the complaint, Mr. Blanza and his wife were members of the American Express small business network. In 2002, they were invited to purchase an accidental disability insurance policy that would provide them with a single payment of $1 million in the event of a permanent disability. The couple agreed and paid for the policy via credit card.

In 2012, Mr. Blanza fell while repairing a fence, which severed his spinal cord and rendered him a quadriplegic. His daughter attempted to collect on the policy on his behalf. National Union engaged in the following behaviors, pursuant to the complaint: they continually delayed processing of the claim; they did not adhere to their stated policy of a 15-day eligibility confirmation; they did not confirm receiving documentation; they did not return phone calls; and they closed the claim for inactivity, despite continuous attempts made by the daughter to make sure the claim was being processed.

The complaint is asking for damages that cover the amount of the policy, the mental and emotional suffering the plaintiff has experienced and other applicable compensation.

National Union responded to the Complaint by denying each and every allegation, including that Mr. Blanza was even injured. It has given no reason why it won’t pay benefits.

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