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Handling Specialized Business Policy Disputes

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of California's insurance laws, including the regulations that govern highly specific or specialized insurance policies. These policies are often used to protect businesses from risks that are specific to their profession, such as shipping or construction. Our law firm has worked with a wide variety of specialized business policies, including:

  • Cyber liability insurance claims: Cybersecurity risks can be significant. Our attorneys are well-versed in a variety of cyber coverages, including privacy and network security coverages. What makes cyber liability insurance unique is that it generally contains both first party and third party components. Your company's costs to respond to a privacy breach or security failure could be covered as well as claims made by third parties against you. Although distinct from technology errors and omissions coverage, many cyber policies contain similar language.
  • Construction defect claims: Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with construction defects, particularly those that appear over the course of years or decades.
  • Environmental liability coverage disputes: If your insurer has refused to pay for claims associated with environmental contamination, our attorneys can help.
  • Maritime mesothelioma claims: We have extensive experience handling coverage denial issues related to shipboard asbestos contamination.
  • Professional liability claims: We represent lawyers whose coverage has been denied or retroactively canceled after a valid malpractice claim.
  • Technology errors and omissions: If your insurance company has refused to honor claims related to a defective or underperforming hardware or software product, contact our attorneys.
  • Financial services policy/financial downturn claims: Our attorneys are fully prepared to assist with claims denials or failure to defend issues related to this new branch of the insurance industry.

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If your insurance company has unfairly denied your claim, canceled your policy, failed to offer the appropriate payments or failed to defend you in court, our insurance bad faith attorneys can help you assert your rights.

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