Trust Us With Your Insurance Claim Under ERISA. We Know The Law.

With a few exceptions, if you receive insurance through your employer, any employee benefits claim you may try to make is governed by ERISA — the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. If you have had difficulties in obtaining your long-term disability benefits, this Act defines the process for bringing a claim.

The ERISA attorneys at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, in San Francisco, have extensive experience in this unique and complex area of law. There are a number of traps that petitioners often fall into, resulting in denial. We help disabled employees throughout California get the disability insurance benefits they are entitled to receive. We can help you, too.

Don't Let The Insurance Company Have The Final Word

The following pages may assist you in learning more about ERISA but due to the complexity of ERISA law, it is essential that you talk with a lawyer about your particular case in order to know if ERISA applies to you.

What is ERISA about? The Employee Retirement Income Security Act applies to most insurance obtained as an employee benefit from one's employer. ERISA nullifies many state laws designed to keep insurance companies from acting improperly, and ERISA limits the actions that a policyholder can take to challenge an insurance company's wrongful denial of benefits.

Our Lawyers Stand Out In ERISA Cases Because We Get Results

Our firm often succeeds where others fail because of our careful and complete analysis of ERISA disability claim denials. We understand what kind of pre-litigation internal appeal will maximize your chances of getting your claim paid.

Preparing and documenting a comprehensive rebuttal to the insurance company's decision is crucial. In many cases, the claimant must complete an internal appeal of the decision, which may be the best chance to introduce the best evidence in support of the claim.

The Appeals Process

The ERISA appeals process is highly regulated and complex, with strict deadlines to meet and procedures to follow. Our attorneys know the system and strive to make it work for you, even if your case may qualify for an ERISA exception.

If you have become disabled and are having difficulty obtaining your long-term disability insurance benefits, please call our office at 415-655-1549 or send us an email. ERISA litigation is a specialty of our law firm.