You’re not powerless against your insurance company

You trusted your insurance company. You made those monthly payments because you believed that they would be there for you when you needed them. Then you filed a valid claim, and they denied it.

You can’t believe it. You feel like they robbed you, essentially. They took your money and then refused to honor the obligations that came along with that money.

This can take other forms, as well. Maybe they did not deny the claim outright, but they still refused to pay it. They kept putting it off. It was unreasonable, but they kept delaying the payments. You feel like they’re just hoping you will give up on the case.

Unfortunately, that’s what some consumers do. They feel powerless. The insurance company is a multibillion-dollar business. What is one person really going to do? The company seems to hold all the power. They get to decide who gets a payout and who does not — no matter what the contract says.

You do not have to feel this way. They don’t have all the power. They do have to honor their contract with you. You’re not alone because you have the law on your side. Regardless of their size or how much money they control, insurance companies are not allowed to deny claims without reason or withhold payment for extensive amounts of time.

Don’t feel powerless against insurance companies, The Standard insurance company denial lawyer can help you.

What you need to do is look into the legal options that you have. Learn what steps you can take. If you have questions about this process, our helpful website can answer many of them for you.

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