What are reasons why individuals are denied disability insurance?

Many individuals regularly sit down and look at their budgets in an effort to find ways to cut their costs. One of the first expenses that workers start to question is insurance costs. Many individuals may think of it as unnecessary to have disability insurance. That’s not the case though. This coverage can provide a worker with much-needed income if they get hurt or fall ill. There are many instances in which individuals who file disability insurance claims are denied benefits. They are some common reasons why this occurs.

One reason why your disability insurance claim may be denied is if doctors are unable to determine what the origins of your medical condition are.

The reason why an insurer is likely to deny your claim in an instance like this is that they may be afraid that your condition is far more severe than it seems on the surface. Your disability insurance company may fear that it will get worse and thus cost them more money down the line. Your insurer may want you to get a better answer about what you’re suffering from before they’ll be willing to approve your claim.

Your insurer may also deny your disability claim if you’re either over- or underweight.

You may also be denied coverage altogether or have higher premiums imposed if they do extend your coverage. The reason that they deny claims is because insurers know that individuals with certain builds often experience more medical complications than those who are more average-sized.

Disability insurers may also deny you coverage if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions before including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, blood or renal disorders, arthritis, hepatitis or multiple sclerosis.

Your insurer may also deny your disability claim if your doctor details a treatment plan, but they fail to sign off in their notes saying that you’ve completed it.

A disability insurance company may also deny your claim if you have an upcoming surgery scheduled so that they can better assess what your outcome will be.

There are many reasons that insurers may deny your disability benefits claim. Many of the reasons that they do so are valid. Others do so simply to mind their bottom line or for other unlawful reasons. A Hartford insurance claim denials lawyer in San Francisco can advise you of what legal remedies you may pursue here in California if your claim has been denied.