An insurance denial is not the end

You try to use your long-term disability insurance, but you get denied. Since you know you are disabled, you’re shocked. Is this all you can do? Is that the end of it?

It’s not. Appeals are possible and even common. You may be able to make multiple appeals. Do not assume you are out of options — or out of luck — just because you get denied at the beginning.

For example, it could just be a simple matter of providing more information. Maybe the medical records you sent were incomplete. You do have a disability. Your records back that up. You just need to update the information, send in the complete records and clear things up.

Or, maybe you just did not have enough medical testing done or you didn’t provide sufficient statements from doctors to prove your disability. The denial is not the insurance company telling you that you’re not disabled. They’re just saying they do not have enough information to prove it. You may be able to get doctors to write opinions on your behalf or you may be able to go through more extensive tests to get the proof you need.

Working with insurance companies can be frustrating. You know what limitations you face. You know what type of assistance you need. On your end, it seems obvious, and sorting through all of the red tape with the company is intimidating.

When you feel like this, make sure you are well aware of the options you have. Never assume that initial denial is the end. Just take the time to look into all of the steps you can take moving forward. The Standard Insurance Company Denial Lawyer can help you understand denial claims with insurance companies.

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