When problems arise with long-term care insurance claims

There are many concerns people may have about their retirement years. This includes worries about whether they will be able to afford long-term care should the need for such care arise.

One of the steps some take in their efforts to address this concern is taking out a long-term care insurance policy. It is estimated that around 8 million people here in the U.S. have some type of such policy. California leads the nation in the number of people (over 634,500) with a traditional long-term care insurance policy.

Recent years have seen pretty high levels of claims on long-term care policies. Last year set a record on claim payouts, with $10.3 billion in total payouts. This was the first time that the $10 billion mark had been crossed.

Unfortunately, not all people who make a claim on a long-term care policy encounter a smooth path to getting the financial help with their care that they were expecting. Sometimes, long-term care insurance providers wrongfully deny claims or engage in other tactics aimed at keeping policyholders from getting the benefits they deserve when the need for care comes up.

When policyholders encounter such tactics, they may be very worried about their financial future and their ability to get the care they need. They also may fear that their situation is hopeless.

However, there are ways to fight back against unfair claims practices by long-term care insurance providers. Skilled insurance law attorneys can give individuals who are being treated unfairly by insurers guidance on their options and help with standing up for their rights.

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