The Maui fires have had a devastating impact on local businesses, resorts, condominiums, apartment buildings, and time-share properties.  Fire insurance, property insurance, and business interruption insurance is designed to provide coverage for the substantial losses suffered in connection with the Maui fires.  However, securing payment from insurance companies for these losses is not always simple.  Often it can take a dedicated fire insurance attorney to recover the full value of these losses from an insurance company following a denial of insurance benefits or an unreasonably delay in the payment of those benefits.

Fires can turn resorts, condominiums, apartment buildings, time-share properties, and businesses into ashes in a matter of minutes.  Most victims are happy to escape with their lives.  They trust that their fire insurance or property insurance will help them rebuild and start over.  Sadly, however, many fire survivors are victimized by their own insurance companies that refuse to pay the full value of their insurance policies.  Other insurance companies will delay payment of benefits, forcing survivors to delay rebuilding their property.  We at Pillsbury & Coleman specialize in helping obtain full benefits from insurance companies.

Furthermore, many of the resorts, condominiums, apartment buildings, time-share properties, and businesses that have suffered damage from the Maui fires have business interruption insurance, sometimes called business income insurance.  This insurance is particularly important to help a business weather a difficult times.  Businesses that have been unable to continue operations as a result of the Maui fires stand to lose millions in income and lost profits.  The businesses’ bills, expenses, and payroll do not stop, even if that businesses’ revenue does.  We can help ensure that your business interruption insurance provides a safety net for losses in revenue or income as a result of the Maui fires.

Insurance companies often attempt to minimize the losses suffered from fires in order to deny the payment of benefits.  Even if an insurance company does not deny benefits outright, they will often force the policyholder to undergo a complicated and unnecessary claim process that results in long delays in the payment of policy benefits.  Those delays can ruin a business.  Do not let that happen to your business.  If your resort, condominium, apartment building, time-share property, homeowners association, or business has suffered a loss in connection with the Maui fires, you need to take action to ensure that your insurance claims are timely paid and are paid in full.

The lawyers at Pillsbury & Coleman LLP specialize in securing insurance benefits for the survivors of fires like the Maui fires.  Pillsbury & Coleman LLP represents property developers and construction companies throughout Hawai’i with their insurance issues and has recovered over $1 billion for its clients.  Pillsbury & Coleman has decades of experience in insurance coverage law and are licensed to practice law in Hawai’i.

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