Can work incidents result in long-term disability?

California residents who get involved in work-related incidents can end up with injuries that result in short or long-term disability. In these cases, Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, are here to help you deal with the insurance situation.

“Work-related incidents” is a term that covers a very large scope of possible happenings which often result in injury to you and other employees. It can cover everything from factory explosions to repetitive stress injuries received from typing too much without getting enough of a break.

Some injuries received on the job can lead to permanent disabilities that interfere with your ability to work. One example involves construction workers who suffer from brain injuries due to equipment falling onto them from scaffolding. Another example involves delivery drivers who get into a crash that results in spinal cord damage, leaving them paralyzed.

When you become unable to work due to these injuries, you face the problem of having a lot of money going out in the form of hospital expenses and no money coming in due to the lack of a paycheck. People in your situation find it crucial to have the support of long-term disability insurance. Not only can it help cover expensive medical costs, but it can also make up for the deficit created by your missing paycheck.

If you have been injured in a work-related incident and have thus found yourself in a situation of long-term disability, consider contacting us for more information. We can help you seek compensation and fight for the insurance benefits that you deserve.

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