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What are the main conditions that lead to long-term disabilities?

Many workers suffer from injuries and illnesses that make it difficult for them to work. When these conditions result in an extensive leave of absence, the workers will need to find a way to make ends meet. Some of these individuals will have long-term disability insurance coverage, and will file a claim for benefits in order to be able to withstand the financial impact of missing time from work.

In this post, we wish to discuss some of the most common causes of disabilities, as well as the options available if an insurance company denies a request for coverage under a long-term disability insurance policy. This will help provide you with some basic information about the steps that you can take if your insurance company is not playing by the rules.


Cancer can happen to anyone in any walk of life. The more serious the illness, the more aggressive the treatment that may be necessary. Chemotherapy and invasive surgeries may take a significant toll on a person’s health, and make it impossible for them to be able to work while things are being addressed.


As people age, they may begin to experience pain in their joints. This pain doesn’t seem to respond to treatment, and can make it extremely difficult for individuals to sit, stand or do anything else that is required as part of their job.

Heart Disease

Heart conditions impact many men and women. Previous studies have determined that nearly one-fifth of all of the health care expenses in the country are devoted to heart-related conditions.

Mental Health Conditions

Depression is a very serious illness, and those who suffer from it know that it is almost impossible to do anything while in the midst of a serious episode. Some people are unaware that these illnesses may qualify for long-term disability coverage, and continue to suffer, unable to get the treatment they need to manage its impact.

What to do if your insurance company rejects your claims

Should you file a claim for long-term disability benefits, either through an individual policy or through group coverage, know that the insurance company may make it extremely difficult for you to get the benefits you deserve. If this happens in your case, you should seek out an experienced attorney to help you fight back. Your attorney will review your policy and determine the appropriate action to take in order to allow you to obtain the benefits you need to make ends meet while out of work.

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