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September 2016 Archives

Stars Get Shafted By Insurance Companies Too

From Bruce Springsteen's legendary voice to Taylor's Swift's legendary legs, when it comes to insuring their most valuable "assets," it seems that celebrities are as cautious as the rest of us.  The most recent example of a superstar looking for protection against unforeseen maladies is world famous soccer player Christiano Ronaldo.   It's been reported that Mr. Ronaldo just purchased an insurance policy covering his cleat bearing, goal scoring legs for an astonishing $144 million.

Do I Have to Submit an Appeal to the Insurer that Denied my Claim?

You did everything right: you promptly submitted your claim to the insurance company, dutifully documented the facts surrounding your claim, obtained supporting evidence, completed all the insurance company's forms, and were always responsive to the insurer's claim handlers.  Yet you just received a letter from the insurer notifying you that your claim is denied.  That letter probably contains a notice that you "may" appeal the denial by submitting an appeal to the insurer.  But why should you go to the effort of preparing an appeal to a company that's already indicated a bias toward your claim?  It seems counterintuitive.  Besides, the insurance company says you "may" appeal, doesn't that mean it's not mandatory?

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