Has Your Insurer Rescinded Your Professional Liability Policy? We Can Help.

Insurance companies that provide professional liability coverage have become increasingly unwilling to pay valid malpractice claims.

For example, in legal malpractice claims, if one attorney in a firm is sued for allegedly making an error, insurance companies have increasingly threatened to rescind coverage for all the firm's lawyers unless the law firm agrees that it has no claim to coverage.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

The retroactive cancellation of insurance coverage is a risk policyholders cannot afford to take. No law firm can practice without professional liability insurance. But no policyholder should be held hostage by its insurance company.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our attorneys have successfully represented lawyers and law firms across California in obtaining professional liability insurance benefits, including cases involving claim denials and policy rescission.

Success In Difficult Professional Liability Cases

Professional liability insurance claims are typically difficult, hard-fought cases. We carefully investigate the facts, thoroughly analyze available coverage and aggressively litigate the dispute.

We have successfully argued insurance companies are liable for bad faith because the insurer unreasonably denied coverage, delayed payment or rescinded — or threatened to rescind — coverage. As in all of our work, we perform a cost/benefit analysis of the case so that our clients can make an informed decision about the relative benefits of accepting a settlement offer or taking the case to trial.

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