We Handle Insurance Bad Faith Claims For California Policyholders

The San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, is a powerful legal advocate for California policyholders who have had problems with their insurers or been the victim of bad faith insurance practices.

Our team of insurance lawyers takes cases on behalf of individual policyholders, business policyholders, and those with employer-provided group policies. We handle complex insurance matters. Over the past 25 years, we've been instrumental in developing new law and expanding the application of existing legal precedent to achieve successful results for our clients in the field of insurance law.

Having Problems With An Insurer? We Can Help.

We stand up to insurance companies in negotiations and in court. While a majority of our cases involve litigation at the trial court level, we are a full-service consumer insurance law firm. We provide legal counsel and coverage analysis for clients who have experienced problems with a policy, or who need to understand the scope of an existing policy. We assist clients through the appraisal process for property damage claims.

When The Insurance Company Fails To Treat You Fairly

There are a number of practices that constitute insurance bad faith. Please see our overview of insurance bad faith for more information on how Pillsbury & Coleman can fight to protect your rights and interests in any of these areas of insurance law:

  • Delay in payment
  • Underpayment of claims and lowball offers
  • Unfair claim denials
  • Insurance broker or agent misrepresentations or negligence
  • Unfair cancellation of an insurance policy
  • Failure to defend against lawsuits in violation of the terms of an insurance policy
  • Financial losses incurred by a policyholder when the insurance company refuses to settle a case

Types of Policy Claims We Handle

We handle a broad range of policyholder claims for individuals and businesses. The services that we offer to individual policyholders include:

  • Homeowner claims, including natural disaster coverage as well as water damage and mold claims and fire loss claims
  • Life insurance claims
  • Health insurance/HMO claims
  • Private disability insurance claims
  • Group disability insurance or health insurance claims (see our pages on ERISA for information about group insurance policies offered through employers)
  • Long-term disability insurance and long-term care insurance claims

For businesses who hold insurance policies, we offer assistance with:

  • Commercial general liability (CGL) claims
  • Directors and Officers (D&O) liability claims
  • Fidelity/employee dishonesty claims
  • Commercial property and business interruption claims
  • General business error and omissions claims and technology errors and omissions claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Construction defect claims
  • Environmental liability disputes
  • Maritime insurance claims
  • Professional liability claims

ERISA Disability Claims

Our attorneys have a deep and insightful understanding of ERISA regulations and procedures that is the basis for our success with disability claims involving these laws. While ERISA also regulates health insurance, life insurance and any other types of employer-sponsored benefit, we focus our ERISA practice on ERISA disability claims.

Other Complex Coverage Litigation

We represent companies such as financial advisor or brokerage firms facing "financial downturn claims" by clients who lost money in their investments. We handle coverage issues arising from broker-dealer financial services policies, including the troubled securities endorsement Policy/Financial Downturn Claims.

We Fight Back Against Insurance Companies' False Charges

Were you accused of insurance fraud or of failing to disclose significant facts prior to being granted insurance? These are tactics insurance companies use to deny claims and cancel policies. We can help you overcome false charges against you.

Tough Negotiators, Passionate Trial Lawyers

To discuss your insurance claim problem, call our office at 415-433-8000 or toll free at 888-433-8335. You may also contact Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP by email. From our law offices in San Francisco, we represent clients throughout California and across the nation.