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Were You Surprised When The Insurance Company Denied Your Claim?

Most insurance policyholders are shocked when they receive a letter from their insurance company saying that the company has denied payment on a claim or, worse yet, canceled the policy. The policyholder, who has faithfully made payments for years, understandably feels he or she has been treated unfairly by the insurance company.

You May Have Been Treated Unfairly

There are a number of reasons for underpaid claims or claim denials:

  • The circumstances for which the claim was made are not covered by the policy because of an exclusion or because it is the wrong type of policy.
  • The claim was poorly presented, so the insurance company wrongly decided that the claim was not covered.
  • An insurance adjuster failed to review the evidence in good faith; the adjuster had already decided to deny the policy.
  • The insurer wrongly decided not to extend important benefits that should have been provided by the policy, such as the duty to defend.

The insurance attorneys at the San Francisco law office of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, provide legal advice, coverage opinions, and trial representation for individual and business policyholders whose insurance claims have been denied.

The insurance company may deny that you are covered, but that is not always correct. We will review your policy to see if you are entitled to the insurance benefits you are claiming. If you qualify for benefits but your claim was denied because of poor presentation, we can assist you in perfecting your claim and appealing the denial.

Trial Lawyers Fighting Unfair Claim Denials Throughout California

If the insurance company engaged in bad faith in denying your claim, we can and will take your case to court. We have a track record of successes in overturning claim denials:

  • We have handled a number of claims where a thorough investigation into the cause of property damage proved the client was not at fault and resulted in overturning a property insurance claim denial.
  • We have successfully argued that failure to include pertinent facts in an insurance application was the result of insurance agent negligence, and not the fault of our client.
  • We have proven time and again that an insurance company came to a case with its mind made up and failed to look at the facts. One of the most significant cases we tried was that of a doctor whose disability insurance claim was unfairly denied because of an intentional misreading of the medical record. We won over $30 million at trial in this case.

When an insurance company acts in an unreasonable manner, it should be held accountable and may even be sued for punitive damage s.

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